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    NT: Two besties hanging out in their new clothes (Kathy M. you might like this ;) Archived Message

    Posted by Bridget on September 4, 2020, 6:22 pm

    A day in the life of Skye and Camellia... (Both these skirts were issued with black and white tees that didn't really "go" together. Kathy M noticed this especially about the green skirt and I agree... So I scrounged around my dolly closets to find better tops.)

    Camellia, leaning: "The mall's this way... let's hit a few more shops!"

    Skye, heading toward the car, keys in hand: "I'm exhausted, Cam! Let's go home."

    Skye & Camellia #1

    Camellia sighing: "Okay, if you're really tired, let's go home."

    Skye: "No, if you really want to shop a little longer, I guess I could do another store."

    That's why they're BFFs, they each cave to the other, lol!

    Skye & Camellia #2


    Skye & Camellia skirts #3

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