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    Fashion Avenue Friday; 2001 Quick Change Collection (Part 1) Archived Message

    Posted by Jeanne on August 14, 2020, 12:07 pm

    This collection is somewhat similar to the Mix and Match collection (shown last week) in that each fashion has several pieces that can be combined in different ways. The difference is there generally aren't enough pieces to make 2 complete fashions and only 1 pair of shoes is included. The nice thing is that each FA has 1 reversible piece that allows for more mix-n-match options. These FA's did not have names.

    2001 Quick Change Collection, stock #52977- An unusual pairing of floral pieces w/ zebra-print pieces. The zebra skirt reverses to black mesh and is shown here first w/ the floral top. Black pumps, sunglasses, a small hot pink purse and some paper items were also included.

    Why do I never notice the cattywampus sunglasses until I'm done taking pics?!

    Now to show the zebra pieces, a separate top but the same skirt, just reversed so the zebra side shows.

    And to show yet another option, just the skirt can be pulled up to become a sheath dress.

    The purse and paper items:

    A cut-out from the original FA box shows some mix-n-match options:

    Each FA came w/ a little instruction sheet that shows more options:

    2001 Quick Change Collection, stock #52978- I love the mod vibe of these colorful pieces! Only the flowered sheath dress/skirt is reversible. The shorter pink skirt is not, but this added skirt means there's enough for 2 dolls to wear the fashion at the same time, albeit one doll has to go barefoot. Sky blue wedge-sole sandals (w/ those darn-near impossible to close ankle straps), a chartreuse box purse and some paper items were also included.

    In the next pic, the floral sheath is now the skirt and it has been turned inside-out so the hot pink fine mesh layer shows instead.

    The purse and paper items:

    Some pics from the box:

    There are 2 more FA's in this collection and I hope to review them next week.

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