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    Diorama-ists : In case youíre on the look out for a simple + affordable garment rack Archived Message

    Posted by Kelvin in LA on August 13, 2020, 4:38 pm

    Lately because of local lockdowns, Iíve been venturing a lot on to Etsy ...often just to kill time but honestly also to score good deals... supposedly a large percentage of Etsy stores are female owned businesses ...

    Found this garment rack that comes in different sizes in gold, silver, rose gold or black color options. The same store also had coordinating metal hangers. I purchased the 35 cm by 31cm sized rack for $16 and 75 mm sized hangers 10 for $10 to go with them. The store is ChouCN ...ships for free if you are buying more than $50 and shipping from China to me in California was about 3 weeks. The owner is also very responsive.

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