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    DC-619 (Creatable World) finally gets here... >> Archived Message

    Posted by Steph in ma on October 23, 2019, 12:32 pm

    dc-619's box went traveling around and didn't get delivered to me because they said part of the address was missing. I spent hours on UPS chat and then was sent on a wild goose chase to a strange USP office where there are no packages and where they had no idea why anyone from UPS would send me there to find my package. Finally, a supervisor in the main UPS building took pity on me and arranged to have the box sent there so I could pick it up last night. Amazingly, it was there - I saw it the minute I walked towards the counter, because some genius at Amazon (or their third party) shipped it without the shipper! So I saw the green and yellow Creatable World doll box, with a big dent in the corner, ripped open. Needless to say I was not happy - and even moreso when I looked at the label and my entire correct address was there. Whatever, I've learned sometimes that special dolls have a hard time getting here sometimes. So here is dc-619, so very cute and getting ready for Halloween, which the CW kids are all excited about.










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