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    Posted by Bridget on October 22, 2019, 10:59 pm

    Thar be dragons!! This is the second installment of my Barbies and books series. I almost posted this for "pet theme week", lol!

    Reading with Dragons

    I was happy to discover Patricia Wrede this past year. Her stories are good, traditional fantasy. Her prose style is smooth but sometimes it's a little "sticky" (as in she tends to over-explain), but the plots are really fun. I got the original version of "Shadow Magic" because she rewrote it later and, as an aspiring novelist myself, I wanted to compare the two versions to see her improvements. Her "Enchanted Forest" series is truly enchanting. I think I liked the first prequel, where we meet Cimorene, the best. I haven't finished the Lyra omnibus yet, but am looking forward to reading the rest.

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