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    FS Convention Dolls, Style Lab Poppies and other IT items Archived Message

    Posted by Mio on October 20, 2019, 8:39 pm

    Happy Sunday everyone!
    I have some convention Dolls, Style Lab Poppies and fashions for sale. I do NOT have shippers for most as I brought everything home in my luggage, but I will pack everything well inside cardboard boxes. Also have IT nude dolls, clothes and miscellaneous doll fashions, and a few leftover corsets. The leather corset and bra fit all body styles and others are marked FR or Nuface. I can ship worldwide and accept PayPal. Email me if interested and for additional pictures not shown here.

    Style Lab Poppies:
    Groovy $285
    Keen $225
    Fab $225
    Far Out $200
    Red head with body $250
    Cherry Pop Fashion $95
    Coco Puffs Fashion $95
    Beauty Blossoms Fashion $95
    Styled Wild Fashion $85
    Sparkle Spotlight Fashion $85
    Swirly Girl $50
    Color Blocks $40
    Seeing Spots $35
    Licorice $35
    Negative Space $35
    Kitty Kat $30
    Boots 'n Baubles Accessory Pack $75

    Convention Dolls:
    Nude English Rose Eugenia $150
    MIB Love is Blue Poppy actual table centerpiece doll $225
    NRFB Sting to the Heart Agnes centerpiece doll $215
    NRFB Ethereal Beauty Vanessa Perrin Centerpiece Doll $300 HOLD
    NRFB Spring 2017 Elyse Convention Doll $225 nude $150 HOLD
    NRFB Spring Romance Adele $250
    NRFB Garden of Versailles upgrade Poppy $225

    Other Integrity Dolls & clothes:
    NRFB Optic Illusion Giselle $275
    NRFB Level of Suspense Lukas $199
    NRFB Devotion Agnes Von Weiss $170, or nude doll $120, Complete outfit w/jewelry $65
    NRFB Glamazon Extravaganza RuPaul $175
    MIB Sea Breeze Poppy Parker $499
    Dressed Split Decision Poppy Parker with accessories $150
    Dressed Serenity Vanessa in gold dress, heels, purse $155
    Nude French Kiss Vanessa $150
    Nude Fame & Fortune vanessa $99
    Nude Through the Woods Poppy $175
    Nude Brazen Beauty Natalia $199
    Nude Modernist Eugenia $85
    Nude Luxuriously Gifted Natalia $80
    Nude Energetic Presence Giselle $90
    Dark A tone Nuface body with flat feet $60
    Dark A tone FR6 body with flat feet $60
    Divinely Luminous Elyse complete outfit and flat shoes, Jewelry set $70
    Violaine Beyond this planet complete outfit $60
    Drawn to You Amelie & Misaki polka dot dress, panties, underskirt, jewelry, sunglasses, purse, blue platform shoes $50
    French Kiss Vanessa plaid dress, belt, socks, heels $35
    Reliable Source Eden accessories $45
    Serenity Vanessa jewelry $50

    Other clothing:
    Handmade knit sweater and hat set $15
    Clear LAN burgundy coat $10
    ITBE blue dress with stitched ribbon on hem $5
    La Boutique pink Coach bomber jacket $20

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