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    Intro to Halloween Story.... Archived Message

    Posted by Sandi M in Chicagoland on October 19, 2019, 12:03 pm

    I did a long series of a story on Vickie's Haunted Vintage and the Skeleton Bash. It's a spooky love story mystery ---Vickie meets Joe, the store becomes haunted?, and the Skeleton Bash charity Ball. Go here to see all the parts and an intro...

    Vickie's sells tickets for the Skeleton Bash Charity Ball

    Monnie picks up some extra posters.

    Richelle picks out Ryan's costume to match hers.

    A 'Ghost' moves and scares a customer!


    The store is broken into--and there is maybe a ghost?


    Vickie finds someone in her store after the alarm goes off----
    it's JOE the Detective....

    Mulan finishes the table settings.


    Meanwhile at the Skeleton Bash Venue...the committee works hard to get it set up!

    Intro post to the series revisited. Thanks for looking!

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