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    Integrity Toys Dolls, Fashions and Accessories For Sale Archived Message

    Posted by TG in PA on September 15, 2019, 4:02 pm

    You can see many photos of each item along with descriptions, located on my sales pages (not eBay.)

    Elise Jolie "Most Wanted"  Nude $110
    Vanessa "High Point"  Nude $110
    Monogram Doll "Dreamscape"  Nude and Wigless $100
    Fashion Royalty Elyse Jolie "J'Adore La Fete" Nude $110
    Veronique "Silver Society" on FR2 Body NUDE $85
    Rare Lukas Maverick "Beauty" Nu.Fantasy Line 2013 Dressed Doll   $180

    Fashions & Accessories
    Purple Reign Gown by FuZin for Fashion Royalty  $100.
    Fashion Royalty Tatyana's "Perfect Reign" Gown $30
    Vanessa "Lights, Camera, Royal" Gown and Shoes $79
    Erin Salston's Pink Gown $45
    Natalia "Inner Sparkle" Gown $39.
    Gown from Elyse Jolie "J'Adore La Fete" $40.
    Monogram "Admiration" Fashion and Accessories $70.
    Seduisante Elyse: Legs with flat feet plus white sandals $20.
    Cats-Eye Red Sunglasses with Rhinestones $25
    OOAK Designer Dress by Salvador Lopez Arriaga $25
    Homme Slacks $19
    Tony Manero - Saturday Night Fever - Complete Suit  $65
    Homme Casual Slip-On Shoes $15
    Homme Jacket $20

    There is MUCH more that is not listed above:

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