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    Posted by Sandi M in Chicagoland on September 13, 2019, 12:30 pm

    September at Vickie's Vintage

    Carly: Well, I hope everything goes wonderful for your big day. Here's a gift from Vickie's to use on your honeymoon.

    Isabel: Oh, thank you, Carly. I'm so excited to try on my dress now that the alterations are done.


    Isabel: Oh, it fits perfect, and I love my 'Love' necklace with it. It was an engagement gift from my fiancé'.

    Carly: Isabel you are beaming and look about this little number for the honeymoon? The colors are perfect for your complexion.

    Isabel: Oh, just call me Issy, and yes that is my favorite color of blue.


    Issy: I feel like an angel...
    Carly: You look like an angel!

    Carly: I'll just wrap this up and I'm sure you have a million things to do.


    Issy: Thanks for everything only three more weeks, I can hardly wait. It's always great shopping at Vickie's Vintage!

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