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    Posted by Lisa(thedollplace) on September 11, 2019, 10:35 pm

    All dolls are new NRFB unless otherwise stated, Smoke Free/Pet free environment with original shippers. I prefer personal Paypal payments please or cover the fees. Shipping within USA/Canada. International USA ship buddy is fine otherwise please email me as shipping costs extra. If photos are needed I will happily provide. I have sold and traded to many here on this board over many years.
    Thanks! Email me at

    Evening Ingenue IFDC Poppy nrfb $350 shipped

    Poppy Looks a plenty lingerie set new $38 shipped

    Net-A-Porter Elyse nrfb with shipper $550 shipped or $400 nude shipped

    Purple Factor sheath and stole $60 shipped

    Kentucky Derby Barbie dress and hat $45 shipped

    Silkstone FAO wool coat and few mixed accessories from Barbie/FR
    $34 shipped

    Lady in Red - Tropicalia convention Erin outfit HTF $30 shipped

    Silkstone Liz Taylor pieces (no earrings or shades) $40 shipped

    Silkstone Black Enchantment pieces $40 shipped

    Silkstone Spotted Pieces with dressmaker gloves $40 shipped

    Silkstone brown dress ,coat $35 shipped

    Silkstone resort pieces $30 shipped

    Silkstone gown and stole $50 shipped

    Color Infusion/ Style Lab doll Adele King $95 shipped

    FR sized -size4 wigs set of 3 $30 shipped

    Juliet and Titania ballet Barbies nrfb $85 shipped. they have been in a shipper since I bought them, never displayed or touched.

    Two diorama pieces 1:6 scale liquor ice bucket sets $35 shipped

    Small leopard foot stool/ storage jewelry box lovely for diorama/display measures 2 1/4 inches wide x 2 3/4 inches tall $30

    Stunning vintage FR Flame Rouge gown $110 shipped

    Talking Drama Adele gown $110 shipped

    Vintage FR Concerto in M Convention Agnes black gown and belt $55 shipped

    HRF Vintage FR Lights,Camera Royal centerpiece gown $75 shipped

    Vintage FR Shapeshifter Natalia gown -no belt $45 shipped

    Style Lab /Color Infusion outfit $20 shipped

    Agnes gloved hands, red bag accessory lot $30 shipped

    Black booties, alligator clutch purse bracelet lot $40 shipped

    Vintage FR jeweled hair accessories $15 shipped

    Barbie 4 piece clothing lot $25 shipped

    Black Wclub Eugenia design winner gown $35 shipped

    Fifth Ave At 6AM Holly Doll NRFB $100 shipped or $60 shipped for outfit.

    Vero gown $50 shipped

    HTF Poppy Parker Sabrina gown $100 shipped

    Red/ Pink Barbie dresses $25 shipped

    New Nude Look of love Poppy Parker no original box or stand $200 shipped

    Paperdoll Poppy Parker new MIB no shipper $320 shipped

    Pinstripe suit, shirt, tie $45 shipped

    Key Pieces Elyse gown $38 shipped

    White clothing lot FR and Barbie $30 shipped

    Doll dining 1:6 scale chairs from Fr convention set of 4 new, unused $50 shipped

    Homme /male soft clothing lot $50shipped

    Older FR swim suits (top fits new dolls) $20 shipped

    Red Zinger Dania nrfb with shipper $390 shipped

    Wish list for trades:
    FR 16 Glitterazzi or Fit to Print Anais doll nude.
    Divinely Luminous Elyse complete or nude
    Nude Unknown Source Lilith
    Nude Reliable Source Eden
    Nude Vivacite Eugenia
    Secret Garden Eugenia long dangle silver earrings and bracelet
    Nude Ruffles and Blooms Eugenia
    Nude blonde Looks a Plenty Poppy Parker
    Nude Just a Tease Mme Jolie
    MIB complete or NRFB Kiss You in Paris Mademoiselle Jolie
    In Rouges Erin red fur coat
    Fetish Fatale Veronique red lingerie
    Nude Divinity Isha
    Nude Mood Changers Raven Poppy with body
    Nude Poetic beauty Lilith
    Nude Fairest of Them all Poppy
    Nude Wunderland Poppy
    Net a Porter Beauty Elyse gown
    Nude 24K Erin
    Nude 2018 Style Lab Poppy Ash blonde
    Nude Seduisante Elyse with high heel feet
    Nude Chameleon Vanessa
    Nude Heiress Erin
    Nude Neo romantic Rayna
    Nude Eye Candy Rayna
    Perfectly Suited Giselle navy blue pants suit,
    Star Power Vanessa outfit
    Never Predictable IFDC Companion Doll or nrfb or her complete ensemble.
    Reckless Giselle (AKA Gigi) nude or dressed
    Nude Trouble Eden
    Other Nudes:
    Glamorous Darling Poppy
    Spy A Go Go Poppy
    Nude Chiller Thriller Poppy
    Nude Gold Snap Poppy
    Nude Popster Poppy
    Total Betty Ayumi nude
    nude Sheer Sensuality Vanessa,
    Nude Scene Stealer Isha,
    Nude Bellissima Natalia
    Nude Cold Shoulder Eugenia
    Nude Tonner Far east and other BW Stella, Chrys,Patricia Holt, Merry OZ or raven OZ doll nude, Jaqueline frost, Kit, Charlie Dawson, Vampire Diaries Stefan, Tron Sam, Kingston Nurse/ Lana Lang dolls, Lucine, Sister Dreary/Tonner heads
    Lingerie from Royal Treatment Veronique
    Glam Vamp Anja ensemble
    Flame Bleue Vanessa ensemble or gown
    Posie Sans Couleur Vanessa gown
    Renegade Dasha Ensemble
    Soir De Paris dress and Stole
    Cosmetic Takeover Natalia dress and stole
    Faces Of Adele fuchsia dress
    Hollywood Cast Barbie red ensemble

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