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    how many volunteer hours? Archived Message

    Posted by wondering on December 19, 2009, 8:19 pm

    I'm trying to build up my application, and was wondering if I could get some input on how many volunteer hours (as well as what kind of volunteering) would be most beneficial. Of course, I'm assuming that the general trend of more is better. Although, I have two small toddlers, my husband is also a full time student, and time is really a precious commodity around here. Over winter break, though, I've found a couple opportunities to volunteer. Now I just need to set my schedule. Can anyone tell me an ideal, as well as an acceptable amount of volunteer hours? My gpa is 3.9, so I think I'm pretty competitive in terms of academics. However, I have no medical experience to speak of.

    Thus far, I've shadowed about 25 hours in the OR, but also have no volunteer experience So I know I need some considerable time in the volunteer area, but how much? Also, what kind? I tried to get opportunities in a hospital directly working with patients, but couldn't seem to get in anywhere. The opportunities I've found are as follows:

    1) transport cancer patients to medicals appointments.
    2) engage in activities and meals with seniors at a nursing home.
    3) offer emotional support to women at a local women's resource center
    4) help in dispensing medication / treatment to animals in an animal rescue center

    I really appreciate any input!

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