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    Another Do you think Ill get in? post Archived Message

    Posted by Lindsey on January 7, 2009, 11:39 am

    I realize that part of what I'm looking for is some kind of yes or no on getting into a program, but I'll still ask for opinions.

    I finished up my bachelors in engineering a few years ago with a GPA of only around 3.1. I managed a 1280 on my GRE score (500 verbal, 780 math) and went on to get my MPH in Epidemiology from Emory, and finished with a GPA of about 3.65.

    I've been working in health care research and consulting since that time, and I've been looking into going into something with more actual hands on patient work. While I was looking into PA programs, a physician recommended I look into AA programs. It seems like a great combination of my interest in health care and systems/analytical work.

    At any rate, I was just wondering what folks thought my chances might be of even getting an interview, and how hard it is to make it into a program after getting an interview? I just worry that my less than excellent grades will make it impossible for me to make it into any other program.

    Also, what other programs would you recommend applying to? Everyone seems to reference Southern as a kind of safety school, so I am unsure of what to think about it.

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