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    Posted by SouthBound on January 4, 2009, 5:04 pm, in reply to "Re: Number of applicants"

    hey, it was a pretty standard interview process. they do a "show and tell" to sell you on the school. for the actual interviews they paired you up with another candidate and did a round robin of three 20 minute interview sessions each with two interviewers.
    the interviewers were all very respectful, but a couple were a little more hardball than the others. they asked some of the standard questions like why you chose anesthesia, how do you deal with stressful situations, etc. Some of the questions were a little more odd like what happens to the water level of a glass when ice melts in it or why do oxygen masks on airplanes deploy when you lose cabin pressure. Those kind of questions are just to see how you think. They don't care so much that you get the right answer, but they want you to come up with an explanation or defense to your answer. Always reason out your makes you look so dumb if you can't tell them WHY you answered how you did.
    Other advice is for you to just be real. Don't tell them what you think they want to hear. Be honest. If they ask you what you like to do for fun, don't tell them you like to "feed the homeless" or "volunteer".
    Show your personality and try to find some common ground. Come prepared with good questions for them so that they see you are very interested.
    That's about all I can tell ya. Hope this helps.

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