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    Posted by PK on December 17, 2008, 12:39 am, in reply to "the clock is ticking"

    This message, albeit enabling no matter how you cut it, is meant to inform you. Please understand that the insolent and discriminatory remarks you and other proclaimed CRNAs have posted toward the AA profession (not to mention our newly elected president) are permanently etched in cyberspace. The current governmental administration utilizes 'cyber' police - I am sure you are aware of this fact. I am sure you are also aware of the fact that this agency can easily trace a message to an ip address. Also, understand that anyone feeling the need to report the remarks made by you and others to said governmental agency may cause an investigation. With this said, I urge you and the other pessimistic CRNAs to respectfully find your own niche (aka message board); that is, if there is one that will welcome you, because you are not welcomed here. Happy Holidays!

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