USD 580AR Lesson B9
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Welcome 580AR students! After you have read your assigned article in the Appendix, type in a 1/2 page (normal word processing 1/2 page) response to the article, discussing briefly your thoughts on the article. Keep the focus of your response centered on the student use of technology and results of the use of technology as described in the articles. Next, type a short, one paragraph response to one other person's posting. The response needs to reflect your thoughts on the content of that student's posting.. Your messages will be erased after being posted for 6-8 weeks -Mail a hard copy of your Initial Message to the instructor along with your other completed coursework. There is no need to send it via email. Since the article was written there have been many technology and budgetary changes that have influenced the use of technology in general and in education. Changes in hardware, software, and online media are continual. K-12 technology course offerings are slower in responding to change but teachers coming into the profession who have used technology for years bring new ideas and expectations. Students are more familiar with technology than most teachers. These evolving factors play into the technological aspects of teaching today's students.

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