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CCDL The Canine Civil Defense League: A distinct and honorable association of trainers,handlers and agitators who teach and practice all defense, all the time, while bearing in mind that the best bite is no bite at all. Our philosophy is founded in the evolution of the relationship between man and dog. It is, after all, centuries old. There are literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) of legitimate sources of documentation depicting the servitude of dog for man’s benefit. In all of history, the most notably consistent use of the dog has been and will likely continue to be its role in protection. The need for dogs today in our daily lives as friend and mate is clearly demonstrated by the economic increase in the industry that surrounds dogs. The past decade has seen a growth like no other period in American history (think, PetSmart and prescription drugs over the internet). Consumers will pay considerable sums of money for breed, care (hair and health), foodstuffs, and toys. However, what quite often happens, people buy the “right” dog, buy the “right” food, buy the “right” haircut, and expect to have an animal that does what they believe a good dog should do. Herein lays the failure of the owner: managing expectations. The Canine Civil Defense League has but one function: teach the handler/owner how to get the most out of the relationship with their dog. It is all about managing expectations. “All Defense, All the Time” is our mantra, our modus operand. A firm understanding of your animals’ capabilities along with a structured method of increasing the dog’s self esteem will yield a family member akin to a parent protecting his or her family with a handy weapon. The relationship between the family and the dog will only grow as the animal recognizes its roll as protector of that family. The bond will be deeper and unconditional. That is to say, the only way the dog will stop protecting is to disable it physically. Why defense training? Simple: We live in a world today where home invasion, theft and destruction of property, and personal attack have become a mainstay of our society. The police can only show up after they have been called and that is normally only after the offense has taken place. The man with the gun is brought in to write notes. The folks at ADT Security like to call to ensure you are being robbed, assaulted, or raped before they send for the police and their mighty pen. As citizens of the United States, we are afforded the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our homes with enough force to repel an attacker including deadly force during instances when our very lives are threatened. The laws in this are often different from state to state and are open for interpretation. This complex topic requires individual effort in learning and understanding; it would be foolish to otherwise act blindly. Lawyers and judges earn their living in this gray area, so it is incumbent upon each of us as citizens to learn as much as possible. Be smart, be aware of your surroundings and avoid confrontation. But if confrontation finds you, defend yourself and your family. The Canine Civil Defense League is an association of trainers, breeders, agitators and dog owners established to train and certify dog/handler teams. The certification process is specifically designed for the family pet protector. As citizens, the CCDL trains the teams in preventative measures so as to deter potential threats while also training to control an attacker – legally – should the situation go beyond deterrence. One trained handler + one trained dog = three men. The Canine Civil Defense League offers regular training seminars and periodically certifies dogs and dog/handler teams. Our indoor training facility allows us the comfort to train during the coldest months of winter for year round consistency. You are encouraged to contact us for dates and times of training and events. Please contact Gale Raponi via email at or call us at (315) 564-6491.
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