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The National Tactical Police Dog Association (NTPDA) recognizes the vital role K9 units play in the law enforcement community, and thus it shall be the mission of the NTPDA: (1) To provide educational opportunities to police K9 handlers, trainers and supervisors to increase the effectiveness, quality, and tactical safety of police K9 teams and K9 programs both nationally and internationally. (2) To provide a realistic venue for police K9 certification & police K9 team certifications where officer tactics are judged along with K9 performance. The NTPDA certification is a scenario based certification that tests team performance in the areas of tactical obedience, practical agility, tactical tracking, narcotics and explosives detection, criminal apprehension, building search, felony vehicle stops, and evidence recovery. A majority of today’s certifications look only at the function of the canine, and are not a comprehensive evaluation of a K9 team. Our intent is to use ever-changing scenario-based evaluations of the canine and handler, with current case law in mind, to stimulate thought and preparation for real world deployments. This evaluation will support departments and communities better than previous certifications as the team will be prepared at a higher level of competence. (3) To include reputable private trainers who are a part of the police K9 community fully in the process of training, education and certification of police K9s. (4) To encourage excellence, education, quality and integrity throughout the police K9 community.
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