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Discussion Group About PhotoTherapy, Photo Art Therapy, Therapeutic Photography, VideoTherapy,
and Related Fields


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Facebook Group for "PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography, Photo Art Therapy, and VideoTherapy"

     This Discussion Group belongs to the website for "PhotoTherapy Techniques in Counseling and Therapy", and is provided for those who have already fully explored that site, to now have the additional opportunity for discussion, networking, sharing information and getting questions answered.

     Therefore, *BEFORE YOU POST A MESSAGE BELOW* please first visit ALL the pages of that site (where you might find answers to questions you are about to ask here), and THEN feel free to post below -- or contact me directly (Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R., Founder and Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre).

    • To start a new topic "thread" now, please go now to the very bottom of THIS page.
    • To respond to a thread already begun below, click on the particular message you want to reply to and go to the very bottom of that page.

ANYONE NEW TO THIS GROUP: PLEASE FIRST GO READ THE "WELCOME" MESSAGE close to the very end of this page (dated October 3, 2002) -- because it has important information in it!

     Also, future readers would appreciate if you would please put some thought into the subject header you use, so that it is clear to those just skimming message titles, what the content of your message is actually about (i.e., if doing replies, and your message turns out to be about something different from what was in the message you are replying to, perhaps consider splitting your message into two parts and post the "new content" part as a brand-new message with its own new header.)    This will help us all keep better track of subjects being discussed!!

     AND FINALLY -- Please don't forget there is a little box you can check underneath the message you are typing, where you can ask to be notified whenever someone responds to what you are posting here. And there's also a "Search" box at both the top and bottom of this page, which allows the content of messages to be searched -- which can be very useful! 

   Please note: This is a monitored group, which means that I will remove postings that I believe are offensive, spamming, advertisements, or otherwise irrelevant or off-topic. All information contained in postings to the PhotoTherapy Discussion Group is the sole responsibility of the person who posted it, and the PhotoTherapy Centre takes no responsibility for its content or accuracy.

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