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 STOP! philo time July 24, 2014, 3:35:28
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Instructions for Chrome block script

This works for Chrome only. Someone else can figure out how to do this for Firefox.

Download the unpacked script here.

Unzip into a new folder. You should see two files, "manifest.json" and "script.js". Leave "manifest.json" alone. Open "script.js" in Notepad or some other text-editing app and replace "goforward" with the name of the isher you'd like to block. Save the file.

Open Chrome and type "chrome://extensions/" in the address bar. In the top right, check the box that says "Developer Mode". Now click the "Load Unpacked Extension" button and navigate to the folder where these files reside. Enjoy calmer ishing!

If you'd like to block multiple people, you'll need to add multiple extensions. To do this, after you do all the steps above, reopen "script.js", change the name to the next person you want to block and save. But now, you'll need to open "manifest.json" and change the line that says "name": "de-mech-dueceish". Every extension must be named differently, so just change the name, save, and follow the steps above to add it to chrome.