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Welcome to our Hernia Discussion Board. To post an entry to this board please go to the bottom of this page or click [Post a Message] on the top. If you have come from outside this bulletin board, please click the Hernia Surgery Experiences site where there are posted thousands of hernia surgery experiences in the guestbooks. Most hernia surgeries are successful and only about 5-7 percent of hernia repair surgeries have any complications, most minor. Please understand that a higher percentage of posters on this board are those with complications, however, many patients with successful repairs without complications want to share their experience with you. Hopefully, you will want to share your experience with our board after your surgery. Basic posting rules: 1) Post using only one name, either your real name, or a fictitious name and be consistant. 2) Do not redirect other posters to any for profit, other urls, or commercial sites or other boards. 3) Use of multiple names, or redirection will be cause for refusal to access our boards. 4) Do not leave a private email address, or ID in a post. 5) Be courteous. To post an entry to the board, please click [Post a Message]

This board is semi-password protected to avoid spam. To post use username "post" and password "hernia". No caps, please. Thanks for your patience.
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