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A forum for fan expression for all matters relating to the D&D Animated Series!
This is a moderated forum. These are the rules for posting:
  • Your post may not have adult content. If you have an adult post, it belongs on The Citadel of Shadow.
  • Your post may not contain obscene language.
  • Your post must be entirely in English (any non-english comments must have a translation).
  • Flames (messages that attack another poster) will be deleted and the flamer will be banned.
  • We want intelligent discussions here. Anyone who provokes fights and flame wars will be banned. Banning is at the discretion of the moderators. Think before you post.
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This board established and owned by Zakiyah, keeper of The Realm. Contact Zak with comments and complaints concerning this forum.
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We hope that this does not discourage anyone from posting. If you have problems registering, please contact Zak. Remove the "BLAH's" from the email address before sending.

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