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I created this board so that I could answer people's questions about cycads. Many times, people ask me the same questions, so you can first check through the archive and see if I have already answered that question before. Feel free to post any question you have on the subject of cycads. If you have entered this site from an outside link, please note the link "The Cycad Jungle" on the header. This is my website where I have cycads for sale, and more information, including articles I have already written. I have written an article on just about every cycad cultivation subject you can think of. One reason why I perform this service is to stimulate interest in cycads, but also to stimulate business, so if you enjoy this board, please consider purchasing plants. Any posts that have someone trying to sell something, or have inappropriate language will be deleted. I also have the right to delete anyone from posting, because this IS more of my private forum for answering people's questions, but in a more public way so others can learn who might have the same questions. Thanks for your understanding, and I hope I can help you and your cycads. Tom
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