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I have received notice that the Holiday Inn Motel in Temple, Texas that the CPS group has reserved for its Headquarters during the Belton, Texas 2018 SWTC has very limited rooms available in our block, In fact, rooms for Wednesday February 28 are sold out!!!!!! There are King Size rooms available for Thursday March 1 (16 at the present time) and March 2(31 available at the present time). Please attempt to secure your sleeping rooms today if you are wanting to stay in the CPS block. Phone number is 254-778-5511. Please mention the CPS/ABA block when attempting to secure rooms at this facility. Again, rooms for Wednesday February 28 are sold out and only King size rooms are available currently. Thanks for your prompt response on this rooming needs. The USDA is also using this facility for their convention this week. Stay warm- go CPS!!!!!!

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