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This message board is for barter/trade only; be sure to indicate in your post what you're offering/seeking to barter.
Posts that don't specify what is offered or sought for barter will be removed. "Trade for ??", "What have you got?", "I don't know what I need", etc. doesn't cut it. If you prefer to receive or pay $$ for items or services, or have no items or services to offer as barter, please use our free classifieds instead. By accessing this board users agree to the terms of our Board Rules & Etiquette and Site Visitor Contract. Please read our Privacy Policy. Got a problem with someone's post? Write to bayequest@gmail.com and let us know.

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BAEN classified ads - horses for sale, tack, saddles, trailers and more!
Post and search for classified ads marked "Will Barter" and "FREE"

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