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Board is dedicated to my 1st CAO Tasha Warrior Princess & Karre who is missed very much online.
Post your Molosser event,rainbow bridge memory, title brag. NO attacks or Old trouble makers.
Millions of visitors to gallery, talk board. No litters for sale here!
Litters/studs/equipment/ Planet Molosser Classifieds. Which will follow the same rules as Bandog Banter.
Molosser Olympics dog shows is being handed over to Rita with ABI shows.
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    Molosser Time 2/3/2015, 11:31 am   
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  1. If you do not show PROOF of OFA PH , TTS and titles on both dogs. Dont bother posting. If you dogs are in rescue dont bother posting. If you make a living off a breeding dogs dont bother. get it if you are a troll or one of the insane net people who spend more time online then they do with their dogs go away.
  2. We expect board members to moderate themselves.
  3. Dog fighting. Cursing, name calling is a violation of TOS will get you banned.
  4. Posts are subject to removal due to TOS..


Remember many non-dog people read this board, so educate, post, share & have fun and remember that here the dogs come first. Caring & preservation of our Molosser breeds is paramount to us.

Warning: If you find breed information only in one place on the net, in which reference material is missing, remember history can NOT be changed to suit modern agendas, without a TIME machine. Until such time as one is created, if it smells & looks like a fake & has no verifiable sources, then it simply is FAKE.
These fake histories/breed profiles have & will lead to breed specific legislation(BSL) in which dogs DIE from misrepresentation of their correct guardian abilities .

What can you do to help?
  1. Please don't crosspost unverified information about breeds you don't have direct knowledge of. You can do that by verifying all sources. If there is NO resume or research material consider it a fantasy vs reality.
  2. Don't support sites that make money off of backyard breeders, millers, & dog fighters.
  3. Don't assume "oh, its not my breed in the news", or being promoted wrongly, or its not a breeder in "my breed" so "come on" who cares.

We are in a fight to save our rights to own these breeds that face extinction.
You can make a difference! Please do so!

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