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Welcome to "The Hen House". It's open to all kind-hearted Paint Horse enthusiasts. If you have a horse or not, please feel free to join in the conversations. We do ask that you use a name or handle for yourself, as most of us are reluctant to respond to anonymous posters. We have chosen to limit political discussions on this board. You're encouraged to post wholesome pictures here. Also note that any rude or instigating post may be removed without warning. Caution: This is a public forum, therefore you use this message board at your own risk. You and you alone are responsible for your remarks. Enjoy!

Our helpful links: Resolving conflicts online, Hen House Sale Barn, OLWS, Hennie Web Sites, Recipe Swap, Hen photos, The American Paint Horse Association, Picture Posting 101, Hen Locations, our resident star, Skidboot, and our 2009 foals' due dates list.

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