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Seven Years. Hurricane Katrina - August 28, 2005

A young cat named Patches was left outside the N.O. Superdome/Hyatt area on or around Sept. 4, 2005 by an evacuee during the Katrina bus evacuations. No collar/no carrier. A National Guardsman carried her in his arms towards the Hyatt at the dome complex and that was the last she was seen. A nationwide search has turned up no clues to her fate. Patches has one blue eye (the left eye was surgically removed), is a Siamese/Calico mix, about 1 year old and spayed. Note: If Patches has been taken in by someone who doesn't want to give her up, we would only want to know she is alive and well and has a forever home. Either post on the board anonymously or send an e-mail to A picture of her in her new home would also be great and give us all closure.

Greg Schatz, a popular New Orleans musician, is desperately trying to locate his beloved cat; Muffins. Greg was out of town when Katrina struck so his girlfriend put Muffins in a beige "Pet Taxi" cat carrier, and headed to the SuperDome. There she was forced to leave the cat on the ramp between the SuperDome and the New Orleans Center, when she evacuated by bus. She is a two year old gray tabby (spayed), and has all her claws. Her most definitive markings will be the tiny black spots on the top of her nose, which she has had since she was born. Her eyes are not the typical golden color, but an almond-shaped greenish color. Please find this cat!!!

Fancy is a 4-yr old Shih Tzu that her owner was forced to leave at the Superdome while boarding the buses in early September. Fancy is pictured here afterwards, running outside through the Superdome trash (taken by a unknown reporter/photographer). She wasn't spayed, but if rescued by a group might be by now. She has a hard, little round knob (hernia?) on her stomach that she was born with. Fancy's owner is devastated, has lost everything and is living with her brother in TX now - she wants Fancy back.
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