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    Ski trips on offer

    Posted by Dell and Les on September 15, 2017, 9:06 pm

    Hi all,
    I'm re - sending this info out because people have been asking about it. If you're interested in any of it either give us a ring if you want to chat or look on The Ski Company website at Friends and Family.
    There is a ski trip to Arosa in Switzerland from the 3-9th Feb 2018. Les and I have worked there for Gerry many times and it's a great resort with an excellent snow record. The resort has now also been connected via cable car to Lenzerheide in the next valley making it a huge ski area. This isn't one of Gerry's "stupidly cheap, fill up his spaces in the hostel" deal - this one is a nice hotel, half board, flights, transfers and lift pass for 845 plus equipment ie about 880 depending on whether you take your own gear or not. The hotel is called The Basic Hotel (honest! But it isn't basic at all) if you want to have a look on the web.

    We've had a phone call from Gerry discussing that the snow at Torgon is now so unreliable that some of the lifts have closed e.g. Morgins and Champoussin and the season has been curtailed drastically. He's going to be moving to Crans Montana in the near future and he's offering a couple of weeks there this winter in term time. He's used it for years but only in school holidays. It's a high resort with an excellent snow record. He's offering accommodation in La Moubra which is a hostel, half board in rooms for 4 (2 of which are bunk beds), flights, transfers and lift pass for 700 for the week 17-24th Feb and 625 for the week beginning 3-10th March.

    Les and I have decided we're going to go to Arosa as well as the 17-24th Feb in Crans on the basis of you can't take it with you..... We wanted to let people know that there are options on trips if you are interested in either resort or both!

    The Ski Company website is now up and running after a few teething problems. The actual price will vary according to how many people you have in your room. If you want two in a room it will be dearer than if there are 3 or 4 - so cosy up folks and save money!

    Dell and Les

      Re: Ski trips on offer

      Posted by Ross on September 16, 2017, 4:29 pm, in reply to "Ski trips on offer"

      Will talk to Ruth tonight... We totally forgot

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