Re: May 2018 The Birks - question

    Posted by Dell on October 5, 2017, 9:23 pm, in reply to "May 2018 The Birks - question"

    Thanks for the feedback. I was reluctant, hence asking the question but as some huts are getting towards 12-15 nowadays I just wondered whether 16.50 might not have been too outrageous. It's the commitment if it's not well attended that was the issue, really. Anyway I've abandoned it and booked Irish Row for next May instead!

    I did email The Birks booking sec, Heidi, and discussed the fees issue with her. She sent a very apologetic reply but said that the system has been changed after they got fed up with clubs not admitting how many people were staying. Apparently the worst example was when with one club 4 were signed in but it seems 22 stayed. As she said, it's the dishonesty of a few that have caused the change in arrangement.

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