Re: Millstone Midgefest

    Posted by Steve W on June 22, 2017, 9:13 am, in reply to "Re: Millstone Midgefest"

    I suspect the midges might have been at every crag in the Peak on Tuesday evening, something to do with the annual 'eat a climber' festival (this has become more of a year round event in Scotland I believe ).
    When I first arrived on Tuesday I didn't realise why everyone around Embankment area seemed to be stood a long way back from the crag... now I understand that fast and light commando tactics must have been the order of the day, to get in, climb a route and escape again fast whilst sustaining minimum casualties. Unfortunately we came under sustained and fierce attack by far superior numbers whilst gearing up under Keyhole and were forced to retire wounded to the pub (for strictly medicinal purposes).
    Given that conditions are generally not accurately predictable until the very last minute, I think I prefer the current calendar approach. The message board seems to be used already to change venue by consensus at times.

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