Info for Newlands hut

    Posted by Dell and Les on June 21, 2017, 12:21 pm

    Grid ref:- 229177 8 per night.
    Access:- The track from Littletown, 1.2 miles, is rugged and access by vehicles should be limited where possible. The farmer is tolerant as long as we keep the gate shut and cars are parked off the track outside the hut.

    Need to take:- Coke for the stove is provided but need to take matches, wood, paper, axe etc. Also need to take toilet paper. Lighting is by gas mantles. As a condition of the hut's insurance the gas mus be turned off at night and when the hut is empty during the day.

    No camping, sleeping outdoors or fire lighting in the grounds.
    Please close path and hut gates when not in use.
    The fields in front of the hut are strictly private, do not trespass.
    Have a nice time!

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