Food rota Onich

    Posted by Dell and Les on May 22, 2017, 2:51 pm

    This is how it seems to be panning out - no pun intended!

    Thurs - Derek and Wendy - ? plus Veggie option for Steve
    Fri - Alan and Andy - Freshly caught veggie haggis too!
    Sat - Barbara, Dale and Adrian - chicken casserole
    Sun - Margot and Declan - beef stew
    Mon - Robert, Dell and Les - can do veggie sausages alongside (well, not literally!) Cumberlands.
    I think Steve may be doing his own thing for Sat and Sun mains. To be negotiated!
    Barbara and Dale won't be at Thursday's meal. Unless anyone drops out beforehand it will be 13 folk on all the other meals.

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