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Baseball Senior Night 6:00pm Fri Apr-25 against Appling.... May 3rd 8th Annual Take A Kid Fishing 8am....MAY 20th ELECTION DAY....May 23rd Graduation 800pm....June 28th 7th Annual Miss Brantley County Firecracker....KathyHH Photos and Character Rentals....286-0448 Mickey, Minnie, Elmo, Dora, Cinderella, Tangled, Easter Bunny and Santa..... KRS Pageant Designs Renee R Smith 550-5938....Vote WILEY CREWS and BRENDA JOHNS for Board of Education. Vote to Re-Elect BRIAN HENDRIX County Commissioner!
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 BC Heron TIme 4/20/2014, 2:23 pm
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Computer Repairs Needed! www.sgtsonline.com, Kevin Tiahrt is best I have seen in a LONG TIME!.....If you need to take in somewhere L & M in Waycross is awesome as well...Extreme Party Rentals 614-1072/550-1216..PINK COTTON....DJ Services Terry Steedley 912-282-4500.... Alberts Jewelers 729-2202...Ty Hutcheson Septic Service 912-617-2430....Designs Unlimited 462-7538...82 Tire& Lube 462-7357...Wings "R" Us 462-Wings...Michael's Deli 462-3354 and don't forget the Famous Chicken Salad at Honey Buns in Waycross!