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Sept 6th Concert Atkinson Elem Award winning Georgia's Teen Talent Emma Bacon & Brantley's Connor Ashe Steedley....Sept 13th Class of 1974 Reunion.... Sept 27th Yard Sale for Randy Wainright Family on Buffalo Creek Drive....December 6th Festival at 8am and Christmas Parade at 200pm.... June 20th 2015 Miss Brantley Firecracker....July 4th Celebration at BCHS starting at 600pm with Fireworks at 900pm....KathyHH Photos & Character Rentals....286-0448 Mickey, Minnie, Elmo, Dora, Cinderella, Tangled, Easter Bunny and Santa..... The Brantley Beacon PO Box 986 Nahunta 462-2326 Subs $30 year.... email all news,weddings, birth announcements, engagements to beacon@btconline.net
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 BC Heron TIme 9/1/2014, 2:39 pm
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KRS Pageant Designs Renee Smith (912) 550-5938....Designs Unlimited 462-7538....Computer Repairs Needed! L & H in Waycross on Riverside or www.sgtsonline.com, Kevin Tiahrt ....DJ Services Terry Steedley 912-282-4500.... Alberts Jewelers 729-2202....Designs Unlimited 462-7538...82 Tire& Lube 462-7357...Wings "R" Us 462-Wings...Michael's Deli 462-3354 and don't forget the Famous Chicken Salad at Honey Buns in Waycross! Xtreme Party Rentals Phil Norton(912) 614-1072 or Steve Gilbert (912) 550-1216