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HERON Football in McIntosh on Friday...August 18th Pokemon Lure Party at Curthouse... September 15th (Thurs) Getlo Concert to benefit Basketball team on Courthouse Lawn followed by Street Dance....October 31st (Mon) Trunk or Treat 6-8pm Brantley County Courthouse Square....November 17th (Thurs) 630pm Downtown Movie Night A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving... CHRISTmas Parade and Festival...December 3rd, 2016.....Miss BC Firecracker June 17th 2017....KathyHH Photos & Character Rentals...286-0448....The Nearly New Store in Downtown Nahunta across from City Hall. Shabby Chic Furniture, Handcrafted Jewelry, Custom Designed Candles, Hairbows, Gifts, Household Furnishings, Childrens items and more.
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